Day 10: Cupcake

I have a friend’s birthday coming up so I thought, why not, let’s make her a cupcake! I do love a good cupcake. A friend of mine had a few cupcake shops several years back. He knew the craze wouldn’t last a long time, so he capitalized on the hype and had the best cupcakes. … More Day 10: Cupcake

Day 2: Dissolving

Here it is, just Day 2 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days, and I’m already tired. It probably didn’t help I was gardening for a few hours this morning before I was rained out. I was going to continue the chicken theme and even had a new rooster sketched out. But the thought of … More Day 2: Dissolving

Hello there

Hello there! Welcome to my art blog! As someone who can be a bit obsessive, before I wrote this blog, I did what any modern human does these days and Googled, “how to write an artist’s first blog.” Apparently, I’m supposed to get a domain name, brainstorm a at least a dozen blog subjects first, … More Hello there