The Artist’s Way: Week 1 – Recovering a Sense of Safety (Starting Out)

I invite you to follow this series about my work with Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. Julia designed this 12-week program to help stalled out creatives recover artistic lives and dreams. I went through Julia’s Artist’s Way over 20 years ago as I tried to ignite a more creative me soon after graduation … More The Artist’s Way: Week 1 – Recovering a Sense of Safety (Starting Out)

Day 15: A Gap

After the holiday traffic fiasco on Saturday, on Sunday, our crew left the cabin a little after 7am to make our way to the ski slopes that were only 15 miles away. Note that on Saturday we left Sacramento at 7am to drive 100 miles in what we thought would be only be a 2-hour … More Day 15: A Gap

Day 11: Downingia

Nine months out of the year on 2nd Wednesdays, I volunteer to set up the hospitality snacks and beverages at our Sacramento Valley chapter of the California Native Plant Society. This month’s talk was about vernal pool ecology. In keeping with the theme of our talk, tonight I did a quick ink and watercolor sketch of … More Day 11: Downingia

Hello there

Hello there! Welcome to my art blog! As someone who can be a bit obsessive, before I wrote this blog, I did what any modern human does these days and Googled, “how to write an artist’s first blog.” Apparently, I’m supposed to get a domain name, brainstorm a at least a dozen blog subjects first, … More Hello there