2014-08-22 20.14.58.jpg

I think this partially finished self portrait depicts perfectly where I am right now in my life as an artist and painter – not fully formed and in a state of “becoming.” My goal is that this transition is not indefinite. But of course, that will depend on how well I maintain motivation to balance and transition from my current life as a full-time landscape architect and restoration ecologist to a real life painter.

I won’t make a list of reasons and obstacles for why I’m not doing more painting and developing my craft. I will just do. That paper isn’t going to paint itself, after all!

Renewed inspiration came from a blog of a fantastic watercolor artist I follow, Thomas W. Schaller. Years ago when he was lamenting his unartful life to another artist, Thomas was kindly told, “If you want to paint – just paint! All the rest will take care of itself.”

So that’s what I will do too. I’ll just paint. Thank you for joining me to see where this path goes.

Cassandra Nguyen Musto, West Sacramento – June 2016


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