Going Home to Roost

Fair Oaks Village Rooster. 9″ x 12″.

So I made my first official sale today with this chicken I painted yesterday. And with PayPal no less. This online money tranferring business is like magic. One minute, the balance is $0.00 and before I knew it, money was in there! I think that’s pretty neat.

This fun rooster is one of dozens that peck around the small community of old town Fair Oaks, what is called the “village” of Fair Oaks. They’ve reproduced so well, they are actually becoming pests. Knowing I like to paint chickens, one of my friends snapped a pic of this little guy and sent it to me. I took some liberties with his feathers and like how it turned out. To create the mottled body, I played around with charging a wet Payne’s Gray layer with water. The effects work much better than salt.

I’ve been home sick the last few days, so I tried to make my time productive by making paintings from the studies I made during the January painting challenge. I’ve got a bit of a list of folks who expressed interest in the paintings, so I’m back at my little table painting again. With these paintings, I’m also being sure to size them so that they are easy to frame using standard sizes of pre-cut mats. My January paintings and studies didn’t consider these sorts of limitations; I just painted to the edges of the paper.

After I finish the requests, I plan to start painting from the studies I made on my recent trip to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. I had never been to Vegas before – what a strange, artificially made environment. But taking in the extravagance of the town was fun, even though I don’t really drink or gamble. What I really enjoyed was the Valley of Fire, this wonderful geologic area an hour north of Vegas. It was just stunning. When I get back to Las Vegas, I’ll be visiting this place again.



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