Day 30, Last Day of Challenge: three things


I thought I would end the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge with this study of a Buddha. While I don’t consider this my best painting of the last 30 days, the calmness of the Buddha and this quote in particular speaks to me during these days of being bombarded by blatant and shameless lies by our own president and his aides. In the days and months ahead, I will be reaching deeply to have equanimity of mind, reflective thoughts, and skillful speech.

While I didn’t paint all 30 days, what I gained from this challenge was a newfound knowledge that I do have the reserves to paint even at the end of the day or when I’m not feeling particular inspired. While I don’t expect to try and paint everyday, I do hope to continue this momentum and paint at least a few days a week. Who knew roosters were so popular?

I also discovered that people actually find my paintings worth buying. I’ve held off selling anything until after the painting challenge was over. My new challenge now will be trying to price my work.

Until next time, peace to you.


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