Day 25: Sleepy Bee

Yeah, I skipped a day yesterday. And tonight, I just wasn’t feelin’ a chicken painting. But to keep my practice going, I decided a bee would be fine subject for a quick, 30-minute study. That’s about all the energy I have for tonight. This 30-day painting gig has me not getting enough sleep. I captured … More Day 25: Sleepy Bee

Day 22: I Dissent

Of all the portraits I’ve done so far, I think this is one of my better and favorite ones. Except for the lace collar, I really worked to keep things flowing, not get bogged down in details, and to not overwork the paint. Working on the collar turned out not to be too bad; it was … More Day 22: I Dissent

Day 19: The Messenger

On this eve of the 2017 inauguration of our 45th president, the raven spoke to me as the subject for Day 19’s painting. In some cultures, ravens are associated with death and the underworld. However in other cultures, they can also symbolize transformation, positive or negative. Given the trepidation that surrounds the new, incoming president, … More Day 19: The Messenger

Day 17: Don’t Go

Look at our president; so tired. The end is near though, frighteningly so. Farewell, Barack. It’s been a good run. Thank you for your grace, humor, compassion, and love of country. I’ll miss you.